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Add iCal Feed to My iPhone [iOS]

  1. Open your iPhone and tap the Settings app. 
  2. Scroll down and tap Passwords & Accounts.
  3. Tap Add Account
  4. Tap Other
  5. Tap Add Subscribed Calendar
  6. Copy & Paste link webcal://
  7. In the top-right corner, tap Next
    • In the Description field, update the name of the calendar (optional).
  8. In the top-right corner, tap Save
  9. Tap your Calendar app to view your calendar. 

Add iCal Feed to My Android [Android]

NOTE: You will first need to add the iCal link feed to a Google Calendar.

  1. Go to your Google Calendar
  2. Log in to the Google Account that is used on your Android device. 
  3. On the left-side navigation, scroll down and next to Add Calendar, click the three dots.  
  4. Choose From URL
  5. Paste webcal://
  6. Click Add Calendar
  7. Open up your Android mobile device. 
  8. Tap the Calendar App
  9. In the top-right corner, tap on the three dots
    • If you are already logged in to your Google Calendar, tap refresh and skip the remaining steps. 
  10. Tap Manage Calendars
  11. Tap Google
  12. Sign in to your Google Account. 
  13. Next to the calendar you added, tap the check box
  14. Go back to your Calendar App to view the added calendar.

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AT&T High School Hockey League

The AT&T Metroplex HSHL began in early 1997 with just four teams in one division. Southlake Carroll, Plano, Jesuit, and Coppell played a short, 8-game season from January-March with Plano defeating Jesuit in the final. With strong support from the Dallas Stars, and the enthusiasm of local players and parents, the second season produced 20 teams competing in two divisions. Since then, the league has grown with teams competing for the love of the game and the pride of their schools. 2020-2021 will be the league's 24th full season. For more information about the league and its member teams please contact Keith Andresen at

Summer Season Next Game


Summer Registration Now Open

Please click on link below.   You will need your 2020-2021 USA Hockey Number.  If you don't have it, the link will direct you to register for one.  

Summer Hockey Update

Great News!

The summer season is tentatively scheduled to start on Sun, Jun 14.  Games will be played on Sundays and some Thursday nights this year.

The schedule of games will be posted on the Dragon Hockey Calendar as we know more.

The coaches would like to see as many players as possible play this summer to have fun and get in shape for the fall season.  I know the coaches miss the players and I'm sure the players have missed getting together as a team.

We plan on fielding both a varsity and JV team.

To encourage all players to sign up, even those who will miss a few games, the board will be offering a special rate which will be determined by Monday night's board meeting.  Originally, the season was going to be $375...stay tuned for a much better deal.  Even if you can only make half the games, we still want you and feel the cost won't be a barrier.

Final info will be sent out by Tuesday.  Registration will open up at that time.  I ask that you register by Friday (or respond no if not interested) so we can get the team registered for the season.  

2020 Summer League Registration Opening Soon

We are looking to field both a Varsity and JV team this year.

Season Consists of 10 Sunday afternoon/evening games starting on Sun, May 3.

No practices.

Games start no earlier than 1:00 and end no later than 10:00. No games over Memorial Day and Jul 4th weekends.

Playoffs for top 4 teams on Jul 26 and Aug 2. Likely will be north and south divisions so travel shouldn't be bad.

Coach Anderson will man the bench for Varsity and also JV when no conflicts.

Cost is $375...spring temp jerseys will be provided to new players if needed.

We realize there is a lot of travel during the summer is common for players to miss a few weeks and the coaches understand.

CLICK HERE to Register